The main area of the site (Main Hall, Bathrooms, Cabins 1-5, and the area around both Picnic Decks) are fairly level and even. The Arts & Crafts building is down a moderate hill, as is the Cabin 9-11 area. 

Rugged Terrain: We want you to know that it is a challenge to get around some parts of this site. Imagine Nation Festival is an outdoor event held on a 20-acre campground. Although there are no big hills, this is rough and rugged terrain that is both grassy and bumpy.

Accessible Pathways: There are some gravel roadways, and some accessible pathways but much of the travel is over grass. When it rains, the ground can become muddy. We have made all possible efforts to organize the weekend in a way that makes it easily accessible to everyone, but due to the nature of the location, not every area can be made to have an easily accessible pathway.

We give you this information so that you can be properly informed and prepared. We work to make this event as accessible as we can. We hope that you will attend. Please write if you have questions.