Once upon a time, there was a kingdom unseen, but now felt and kept within our hearts.

Once upon a time, we had a dream but now all we have is a memory.

Welcome to Atlantic City Dreams, an event that allows you to leave the mundane world behind. Step into a place where you can be yourself, and become something more. Either immerse yourself completely in the pervasive Changeling event, or simply come for an amazing festival experience! 

AC Dreams - Full Immersive Experience

The Full Immersive Experience gives you a prewritten character in the full, pervasive story occurring during the festival weekend, access to the specially-designed rooms where the event will be taking place, and includes setting shared (your preference of room mate) hotel room on the private, pervasive experience floor. This allows a participant to fully immerse themselves in the world of Changeling with a specially-designed character. There will be workshops and preparation Thursday night and Friday morning, with the larp running from Friday through to Saturday night, and a full debriefing process on Sunday. This ticket has you as a part of the Burning Revel, the core story design that pushes the focus of the narrative for the entire weekend. With this ticket you will choose a character specially designed for the story narrative of the event, work with writers before the event to customize the character to your liking, and have an intense experience unlike any other.

When you check into the hotel room you will need to use a credit card in your name which will be used for a hold for incidentals and security, but this ticket does take care of the cost of the pervasive hotel booking floors for 3 nights. Two participants are in each room and in the months before the events we will work with participants for room preferences.

Refund policy: A full refund can be done up to 60 days before the event by contacting us at or tickets can be transferred. Due to design work and expenditures we will have to make by the 60 day mark, we will not be able to provide refunds after 60 days before the event.

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Final portion of the payment plan for the Full Immersive Experience. 

 Burning Revel core Nordic experience

Access to narrative specific events

 Access to VIP event spaces
Festival access

Thursday night mixer plus workshops

Sunday decompress and mixer
Rooms handled by event staff


Bring a Changeling: the Dreaming in the world that you used to play

Access to narrative specific events but not some Burning Revel experiences. 

Festival access

Friday through Sunday access

Sunday decompress and mixer

Discount  for booking a room at the site  (while available)

AC Dreams - Festival Experience
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AC Dreams - Festival Experience
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Festival access

Friday or Saturday access

Discount  for booking a room at the site (while available)

Extended Hotel Stay

Extend your stay for 1 night.

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