Live action role playing is a hobby shared by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.  From theatrical events, to full immersion contact safe LARPs, to Nordic inspired conceptual pieces live action role playing is a community which is increasing in size and regularity across the globe.

But, as with many hobbies that are created by the community for the community, there is little in the way of actual community oversight from LARP to LARP.  Over the years of expansion of the LARP community, and with the mingling and introduction of different LARP types from country to country, there has been a lack in regards to any form of standardized community and safety standards.

The Imagined Nation Collective serves as a network of LARP designers and organizers that are attempting to set a 'Gold Standard' for any LARP they are involved in running.  Together we work to provide a set of community and safety standards that ensures the health, growth, and positive outlook of the greater LARPing community.  All games that are a part of the Imagined Nations Collective strive to surpass our community, safety, and social guidelines outlined verbatim on their website and uphold these outlined standards at their own game. 

Our goal is to provide a gold star standard of games, a higher class of gaming, and to help our community grow and thrive to be a better place.  We want to provide help to smaller games, to the LARP community as a whole, and to help introduce good gaming habits for future generations to grow from. We also aim to evolve LARP as an art form, both to help it gain greater acceptance within modern culture as a whole, and as a vehicle to help players and storytellers figure out how to live their dreams.



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