The Imagine Nation Collective

About Us

The Who’s Who


Ashley Zdeb, Owner & CEO

Ashley Zdeb is the business mastermind behind Imagine Nation Collective, spearheading experiences such as Changeling: The New Dream and Road Trip. With over 15 years experience she caters a hands on, end to end project management service allowing for events for as few as 100 participants for a few hours to 1,000 attendants for five days, run smoothly to the satisfaction of both client and customer. Ashley has given numerous talks on women in business and the business of live action experiences.


Jeff Moxley, Operations Manager

Jeff is super hot, but also very good at his job. He is very funny, even when his girlfriend is out of jokes for the day. He has hair that everyone is jealous of and has a great butt. He is also a master of punching and likes dogs.

Lauren Demers, Administrative Assistant

Lauren is cool. and she seems really nice because she is. But she will eat your heart from your chest if you fuck with her or try to explain what it means to be a nerd. She also likes Mario Kart and has a cool kid named Ben who likes to wear bow-ties.