$5 Theater is a production of the Imagine Nation Collective.  Taking one part murder mystery design, one part parlor LARP, and one part convention game the members of the Imagine Nation Collective design, write, and produce stand alone LARP packets for your enjoyment and hosting needs.

These packets each provide a basic world setting, individual character bios, hosting directions, a brief world timeline of relevant events, individual character goals, as well as character sheet templates to use with the CHRONOS Universal LARP system.  These packets, $5 to purchase, provide you with all of the print-outs you need to host between 20 and 40 people for a one shot interactive gaming night.  

We provide basic details of all of our world designs, as well as suggestions for what kind of event each game will create, with theme and focus guidelines that help you choose the event you want to share with friends.