Imagine Nation is the frontrunner of live-action events in the United States, combining decades of larp-running experience with an endless mission to bring larp into the current age both in form, technology, and progressive technology standards.

Live action role playing is a hobby shared by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. From theatrical events, to full immersion contact safe LARPs to free-form conceptual pieces, live action role playing is a community which is increasing in size and regularity across the globe.

Imagine Nation events work to not only embody the standards provided here, but also to progressively move the community as a whole forward by leading by example. Our goal is to provide a gold star standard, a higher class of gaming, and to help our community grow and thrive. We provide excellent games and events to the LARP community as a whole, as well as introduce good gaming habits for future generations.

Welcome to your Imagine Nation.